Breathing Masterclass

and the cold sea
Featuring... Kiki Bosch

Breathing Masterclass and the cold sea

Start: New dates are coming... , Schönberg, Germany

This masterclass will take place at the house of instructor Matthias at the shore of the Baltic sea near Kiel, Germany. Together with instructor and free-diver Kiki Bosch you will learn the secrets of advanced breathing techniques and the ways to handle the merciless but righteous cold sea.

  • Breathing sessions like you have never had before

  • Cold training from pros

  • Scientific information you won't find anywhere else

  • Grab the chance to experience the most inspirational days of your life

These instructors fit perfectly together. I have had an amazing time with them. Never before did I found myself in such deep states accompanied with feelings of bliss.

Peter M. (Malta)

Neuroscience, somatic awareness, and amazing inspirational stories. Great set-up. I enjoyed every single minute.

Patricia (Switzerland)

it is all about you and your fears...

Starting a couple of years ago, both instructor developed a profound Wim Hof Method experience. During this special workshop you can tremendously increase your effectiveness of Wim Hof’s techniques to become more balanced.

Kiki is one of only a few free-divers worldwide who can  manage to dive into arctic ice-cold water without protection from diving suits.

Matthias is a neuroscientist who has already provided high-quality public information of the scientific background of the Wim Hof Method (Science on the rocks podcast).

Of course there will be breathing sessions and controlled exposure to the cold. But because both instructors bring such a huge variety of topics into this training, you will learn new somatic techniques on top of it.

Only a handful of participants will be approved for the weekend workshop.

In the ticket fee, the training and food and drinks are included. You will have to book a hotel by yourself which is usually very cheap in this area. Pickup service from the main station Kiel and each morning to the training location are provided.

Teaching language is mainly English, but both instructors are able to translate to German as well.

New dates soon...

Join us at the sea shore

Feel free to ask questions

Dr. Matthias Wittfoth

Kethelshufe 37
24217 Schönberg
+ 49 178 541 68 91