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Symposium, Workshop, and Connection with beautiful people

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Symposium "Wim Hof Method & Medicine" at the Ahusgastis Hotel

In cooperation with my friend and Medical professional Stephan Bortfeldt (Functional Medicine) this is the chance to discuss various aspects of the Method and to practice breathing techniques and cold exposure in a beautiful location at the Baltic Sea.

Research in molecular biology and genetics over the past decades has fundamentally changed our understanding of cellular processes of aging and disease and the way how evolution has evolved complex mechanism of restoring cellular and mitochondrial function to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Interestingly, therapies and methods to induce cellular regeneration have been practiced since life on earth began.

The Wim Hof Method consists of two highly interesting cornerstones: One is exposition to cold temperatures, which can initiate biochemical and genetic pathways to improve cellular function, while adaptation to hypoxia is also deeply imbedded in our genetic code. It is another natural stimulus especially for mitochondrial regeneration.

In this workshop we will give you an overview over the latest research in this field and during practical exercises we will give you an understanding of the exhilarating effects of the cold and breathing sessions.

Learning and sharing

Enjoying Sweden

This workshop is for all medical professionals who want to get an amazing training in the Wim Hof Method while sharing their views on breathing and cold exposure with other like-minded people from all over the world. There will be no explicit program although some topics will be presented with kick-off talks.

  • Intense Wim Hof training

  • Breathing sessions

  • Cold training in the Baltic sea

  • Exchange of ideas related to the Method

What you will need to do now

Book a ticket HERE! Please bring your swim suit and a yogamat with you.

Note, not included in the ticket fee is accomodation and food. Book yourself a room in Ahus, preferably in the conference location Ahusgastis Hotel.

Please do contact me via e-mail for further questions regarding this event!

How to get to Sweden

The city of Åhus is located in southern Sweden, approximately 60 miles/100km northeast of Malmö.


The nearest international airports are Copenhagen International Airport, and Malmö International Airport, the nearest airport for domestic flights is Kristianstad Airport which is only 10 miles/16km away from Åhus.


From Copenhagen Airport there is a direct train connection (Öresundståg) to Kristianstad.

From Kristianstad you can take a bus or taxi to Åhus. 


When travelling by car from or via Germany there are several options to get to Åhus.

You can take the ferries from Travemünde, Rostock or Sassnitz to Trelleborg, which is only an 80 miles/125 km drive to Åhus. From northern Germany the easiest way is the A1 motorway via Hamburg and Lübeck to Puttgarden on the isle of Fehmarn, from there the ferry to Rødby /Denmark. From Rødby you take the E47 motorway to Copenhagen, from Copenhagen the E20 to Malmö/Sweden crossing the Öresund bridge and from Malmö the E22 towards Kristianstad and Åhus.

For more information about accommodation and public transport see www.kristianstad.se and www.visitahus.com 

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